Interactive Sketchbook 2.01 is Live in the App Store


Lots of bug fixes and some new features!

      • Now automatically imports sketches from versions 1.1 and below.
      • New option to exit a new sketch without saving.
      • Added visual and audio feedback when using undo or redo causes the current tool to switch to or from an eraser.
      • Added audio feedback when switching to or from a layer that is using an eraser.
      • Adjusted the eraser to be much stronger on all layers. (Thank you to everyone who emailed support for the feedback!)
      • Adjusted both tone pencil tools to be slightly lighter for smoother shading in the tone layer.
      • Improved palm touch rejection.
      • Fixed a bug that caused the selected tool in the tool palette to be incorrect after using undo or redo.
      • Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash if a two finger pinch gesture happened on the draw side at the start of a new sketch.
      • Fixed a memory leak that caused the app to eventually crash on the 3rd or 4th consecutive sketch.
      • Fixed a bug that prevented renamed files from instantly refreshing their titles while viewing them full screen in the portfolio.

Aubrey Sketch

Available now in the App Store!

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